The fundamentals of Vedantic Philosophy

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Vedanta is the culmination of knowledge, the sacred wisdom of the Hindu sages, and the transcendental experience of the seers of truth. It is the essence, or conclusion, of the Vedas. As the Upanishads come at the end of the Vedas, so it is called Vedanta. Literally, Veda means knowledge and anta means end. Read more

Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) & its ancient scriptures

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Hinduism - as the religion is popularly known is in its very essence Sanatana Dharma. “Santana” means eternal. “Dharma” is a word which defies exact translation in English. Among others it means “the values of life that sustain”. Therefore, “Sanatana Dharma” means “the religion based on the eternal, unchanging and time-tested wisdom and values of life” “Hinduism” thus is not exactly a “Religion”, but a “Way of life” (Nityananda, 2006). Read more

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