What is Meditation or ‘Dhyana’?

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Meditation has been glorified by the Hindu scriptures as the most sacred vocation of human being. Humans alone are capable of this highest effort, by which they can rise beyond the mind and the intellect, the factors that limit them states Swami Chimayananda (2008:13). The spiritual stalwart of our times, further states, and rightly so, that, few of us can remain for a single moment without the mind and intellect roaming in clusters of thoughts. The question is: How can we regulate the production and flow of our thoughts? (ibid) Seeking an answer to this can had by cultivating controls over thoughts, gaining mastery on controlling and directing their flow, which can be attained by practicing meditation or dhyana. Read more

Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) & its ancient scriptures

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Hinduism - as the religion is popularly known is in its very essence Sanatana Dharma. “Santana” means eternal. “Dharma” is a word which defies exact translation in English. Among others it means “the values of life that sustain”. Therefore, “Sanatana Dharma” means “the religion based on the eternal, unchanging and time-tested wisdom and values of life” “Hinduism” thus is not exactly a “Religion”, but a “Way of life” (Nityananda, 2006). Read more

Spirituality – a new found emphasis!


Spirituality is finding renewed appeal, in recent times, among individuals and organizations and among people in academia and management alike. Its growing importance in management discourses is readily acknowledged today, so much so that some believe that a paradigm shift is taking place. Read more

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