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Endued with wisdom, may we attain 'Poorna' - completeness

ॐ तत्वज्ञानप्रदाय नमः

Integrating ‘spirituality & ancient wisdom’ into business, academia, individual and community life.

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As a result of the pandemic our programs for this summer are cancelled. We will schedule a new one as soon as the siutation improves.


The Anjaneya Foundation takes the opportunity of using the space under MUSINGS to share knowledge and information, experiences, reflections, which readers may find useful. In the first of the series, four short pieces are shared. The section will constantly be renewed and updated and fresh content uploaded. Readers are free to use the content with due acknowledgements made to the authors, wherever required, should they make use of them in course of their professional / scholarly work.

Practice of Meditation

Yoga & Meditation

The seeker who wants to be established in the knowledge of the Self has to follow certain disciplines, practicing them regularly, riding the steed of yoga till there is total abidance of the Self. Read more

The spirit & influence of Vedanta in protecting the environment

The concern towards endless strains on the environment for wealth generation has remained on the top of the political agenda of several countries. Despite the concern and promulgation of various laws, senseless exploitation of natural resources severely threatens the environment in several countries. Burning of fossil fuel at a mammoth scale and the resultant global warming is causing change in weather pattern, severe draughts and flooding at unprecedented scales affecting agriculture. In a report on the “Future of Food”, The Economist (Feb 26- Mach 4, 2011) cites studies which show that “global warming upsets water cycles, increases the burden of pests, desiccates soil and reduces yield”. Presently, China (report in the Economist, August 10- 16, 2013) alone burns about half of the world’s coal supplies and its Carbon dioxide emissions have already over taken Americans in 2006 and in another one to two years, it will emit twice America’s total. Between 1990 and 2050 its cumulative emissions will amount of 500 billion tons – roughly the same as those of the whole world from the beginning of industrial revolution to 1970. What is more alarming is that as it shifts heavy manufacturing and mining from coastal areas to western province like Tibet having fragile eco-systems, the damage will be irreversible. The instances reported are only indicative, as several such account are well documented. Read more

  • Prof. Dr. René Fahr

    Shekhar has been inspiring our students at Paderborn University for years. His insightful teachings draw on the Vedas and the Upanishads as well on his long term managerial experience. Shekhar gives you a clear idea on how to make spirituality part of your personal and professional life.

    – Prof. Dr. René Fahr

    Vice-President for Technology Transfer Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Corporate Governance. University of Paderborn, Germany

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Schneider

    Returning to Paderborn regularly since 2009, Shekhar is a distinguished visiting professor to our university. He is a gifted teacher who combines valuable experience as an executive and consultant with academic rigour, instilling in students from all over the world a truly global mindset.

    – Prof. Dr. Martin Schneider

    Professor for Personnel Economics Faculty of Economics and Business Administration University of Paderborn Germany

  • Prof. Dr. E A Ramaswamy

    Anjaneya Foundation strives to harness traditional wisdom to address modern challenges. It is an effort that should be welcomed by anyone who believes that spiritual values enshrined in ancient scriptures have a relevance that goes beyond time and space. As our world gets ever more complex they could well be the rudder that keeps us and our institutions on an even keel.

    – Prof. Dr. E A Ramaswamy

    Professor & Management Consultant, Author Bengaluru, India

  • Dr. Freek Schiphorst

    From career manager in human resources to an uncertain path in the academic world, Shekhar has found himself a well-earned place – a niche place—in academia. Inspired not only by what management science has to offer but equally also by what spiritual forces have in store he is now a respected teacher giving guidance to professionals in business. I wish him success in this latest endeavour starting the Anjaneya Foundation. The interventions it will design will - I am confident - let its participants realise that there is more between heaven and earth than dreamt of in their philosophy.

    – Dr. Freek Schiphorst

    Associate Professor - Deputy Rector for Educational Affairs Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands

  • Shekhar decided a few years ago to put an end to his work as a professor of human resources management and to focus on his real field of interest, spirituality in business and in individual and community life. This was a far reaching decision and I appreciated his courage to give up the wide lanes of academic work in the area of business administration for the discovery of new paths through a less common field. I admire his courage to leave the comfort of an academic position and his sense of purpose and perseverance in his new pursuit. I wish him success.

    – Prof. Dr. Lodewijk Berlage

    Professor emeritus, KU Leuven (Belgium)

  • Sukadev Bretz

    Dr. Chandrashekhar Pandey has been a regular guest speaker and consultant at Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany, Meinberg near Paderborn – Europe’s biggest Yoga Institution. He has a tremendous knowledge and a clear lecture style making it easy to grasp. More importantly, his talks and workshops touch participants deeply, inspire and help them to find purpose in their lives. Dr. Pandey has also helped Yoga Vidya, as consultant for the Ashram leadership and directors helping to improve communication, organization structure, mission purpose awareness and sense of community. We are highly grateful to him for his valuable services.

    – Sukadev Bretz

    Founder of Haus Yoga Vidya and the Yoga Vidya organization, Bad-Meinberg, Germany

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